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Продажа оборудования

20.03.17. It`s a total list of a new and used woodworking machines for sale:

Chaadaevskiy Zavod Drevesnih Plit,

442325, Russia, Penza region,  Chaadaevka, 2 Lugovaya st, 18.

Please contact us: +7 (985) 766 3981, Send email inquiry: naumov@ldsp.biz


1. Flake Dryer  Bizon U100 with burner Korting Hannover AG, used

Dryer Bizon U100Dryer Bizon U100Dryer Bizon U100, burner Korting Hannover AG

Capacity (water evaporation):  8500 kg/h

Dryer Bizon U100 referenceDryer Bizon U100 technical data

2. Blender RODO(Germany), new


3.Twin blender BISON, new



4.Dosing bin, new


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Please contact us: +7 (985) 766 3981

Please,send email inquiry: naumov@ldsp.biz